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welcome to yorkies by constance.



My Puppies sleep in a Strawberry!

 How cute is that! Beautiful puppies! Total stinkers for sure.



No matter where you are located, we will try are darnest! to get that little puppy to you!

Please contact any time.306 3229233. Our puppies have been shipped to the far North,the  West coast and the East coast...All across Canada.


The question of size:

People often ask "How big will my puppy grow to?" 

I usually say bigger than expected because I hate disappointment from the new buyer. Sometimes the puppies are smaller than I say and sometimes bigger...but I sure try. Hopefully you will feel your puppy is exactly right.               I am short at 5' and my husband is 5' 10'' He comes from a much taller family background, while some of my family barely makes the 5 feet. I was considered the "tall" one in my family. (strange but true).   We had no idea how tall out children would be. This is the same for puppies. Puppy charts are to be taken lightly....with a lot of 'sort of" that height and weight. 

Always feel you can contact me any time . xo


We Sure want you Happy! with one of our puppies.